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RS Production OEE configuration in 10 steps

This page will guide you as a beginner through a complete setup of RS Production OEE.

Download and install

  1. Download and install RS Production on your office PC

Setup hardware and machine signals

Use the following how-to-guides. Go here to read more about different hardwares in RS Production.

2. Download and install RS Production on your Operator tools PCs

The Watchdog help the client to re-starta and keep a high availability.

3. Connect machine signals

Other configurations

4. Rename the measure points  

5. Set Shift schedules

6. Add Orders and/or articles

7. Setup loss reason codes

8. Connect measurepoints to configs

9. Create users and operators

Quality assurance

10. Ensure that machine data is stable and good

Software and hardware installation

System Requirements

Different measure point setups, and how much hardware will you'll need?

Select PC for Operator tools

Machine signals

What kind of machine signals can RS Production handle?

Uptime, downtime and cycle times in RS Production

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