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Install RS Production Windows client

This document shows you how to install RS Production on your computer.

Before you start

To download the RS Production client, you need the following information:

  • Installation number

  • Address to login server (If you don't have a RS Production cloud service)

This information is provided to you from your delivery consultant.

If you do not know this information, Contact Support for help.

You need to have Internet access to download the software

Download RS Production

  1. Download the client on the following URL in your web browser:

    1. If installation is hosted in Good Solutions cloud service

    2. If installation is not on RS Production Cloud http://loginserver/installationnumber/data/download/latestclient.msi

  2. When the file is downloaded: click on it to install the software on the computer. RS Production will automatically be installed as a shortcut on the desktop. 

For RS Production version 18.10 or earlier

Use this link to download the software:

Click on the installation file that corresponds to your installations version. If you do not know what version you have use the latest version of 18.10 or contact support for an upgrade.

Log in

Read more about RS Production user interfaces

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