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Set up shifts, schedule template and more

This feature is included in

RS Production will calculate OEE during scheduled time, hence a schedule is required to get data in the reports.

Create Shifts

  1. Open RS Production and log in to the correct installaion.

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Scheduling

  4. Go to Schedule templates

  5. Go to Shift types

  6. Click on Create:

  7. A new window appear:

  8. Enter a Name and select Color:


  9. Click Save and close.

  10. Repeat step 6-9 to create more shifts.

Create a schedule template

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Scheduling

  3. Go to section Schedule templates

  4. Go to section templates

  5. Click on Create:

  6. A new window appears:

  7. Enter a Name:

  8. Enter duration (example: 7 days, or how often the shift schedule should restart)

  9. Connect the weekday by clicking the connect button.

  10. Mark start day for the schedule

  11. Click Save and close

  12. Select a Color for the schedule.

  13. Click Save and close.

  14. Now you are finished!

Set times and connect shifts to the schedule template

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Scheduling

  3. Go to section templates

  4. Mark the shift you want to edit

  5. Click Open.


  6. Click the small bar on the timeline where you want to set the time for the first shift.


  7. Right click and select Create new and Shift.


  8. Set the exact Start and End time for the shift.


  9. Select Shift type: (Select the shift you created earlier.)

  10. Select weekday

  11. Click Save and close.

  12. Repeat step 1 - 8 for the rest of the days in the shift schedule

  13. Finally click Save and exit the editor for the schedule template.

Add shift template to timeline of measure point

  1. Go to settings

  2. Open Edit current schedule

  3. Select the tab Timeline.

  4. Right click on the Schedule and click Create new and chose Schedule in the drop down.

  5. Select the measurepoint

  6. Select Start date for the schedule

  7. Select the schedule you want to use

  8. Add and close

  9. Now you are finished with this step!



Add schedule templates as default on measure point

  1. Go to Settings and Scheduling:


  2. Select the Standard schedule from the drop down menu :


  3. If you want a specific schedule on a specific measurepoint click + symbol.


  4. Select measurepoint and then Save.


  5. Now you are finished!

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