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Connect machine signals

Everything with counting of produced amounts are included in

Everything with updown, downtime, speed loss and quality loss are included in


This step will allow for the system to receive the signals in the correct way


What signals are required?

Calculate only Availability:

  • In order to calculate availability, RS Production require either cycle signal or run signal.

Speed loss (Performance):

  • If you intend to measure speed loss, a cycle signal is required.

  • If you have long cycles (longer than 1-2 min), you want to have a run signal in addition to the cycle signal.


  • Scrap and rework does not require a machine signal, but it is possible to have a scrap or rework signal in order to automatically register these losses.

Automatic reason codes / stations

  • This is possible.

Filters and other options:

If the signals are not completely steady, there are options to even out the issues. This should however be done with caution, and cannot “redeem” a faulty signal.


  • For cycle signal, the “filter setting” can be used. In this setting you enter the number of milli seconds that an “up flank” is required to have in order to be considered a cycle.

  • For run signals, the “status filter” can be used. In this setting you enter the number of milli seconds the “up flank” is required to have in order to consider the machine to be running.

Shortest cycle time

  • You can also set the shortest cycle time on a measure point or article. In this setting you enter the number of seconds the cycle signal should last (even if there is a “down flank” before the time is up). Once the cycle has passed the shortest cycle time, the cycle will end with the next “down flank”. If it is already down when the shortest cycle time has passed, the cycle ends immediately.

  • This can for example be used if you have products of varies shapes passing by a sensor. Sometimes the shape of the product will allow for a signal to change status even if the entire product has not passed by.

Event handling

  • The event handling can be used to set up logic surrounding the signals if needed.

Connect the signals

There are several ways to connect machine signals to RS Production. Read more about Machine signals and connectors.

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