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Activate watchdog

Watchdog makes sure that RS Production is always active on the operator terminal. When Watchdog has been activated, RS Production will automatically restart if it for any reason would be shut down. So, it is important to always remember to activate watchdog.


  1. Plugin a keyboard and click "ALT+Enter" to exit the full screen, alternative shutdown the Operator Tools client.

  2. Click on the "RS-Butler" icon in the lower right corner in Windows:

  3. The RS-Butler logo can be a hexagon or a green play button. Click on it and then click on “settings”. Click on "Enable Watchdog" and "Save settings. Close RS-Butler by clicking on the red X in the upper right corner. Do NOT click on "Exit RS Butler" since this will shut down the application.

  4. To go back to full screen in Operator Tools, press the Operator Tools window and then press "ALT+Enter" on the keyboard.

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