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Machine signals and connectors

This page gives you an overview of what machine signals RS Production can handle and how you can connect them to the system.

This is feature is included in

Machine signals

Machine signals are used to automatically capture production events. The pages linked at the bottom of this page explains more about how RS Production handle machine signals.


RS Production offers several different ways to capture machine signals and production events.

They can be combined to create the machine data integration that fits your machines and infrastructure the best.


RS IoT is RS Productions standard hardware for capturing of machine signals.

RS Blackbox (no longer sold)

RS Productions legacy hardware for capturing of machine signals.


RS Production’s Machine Data Interface opens up for OPC data integration.

Webservice API

RS Production has a HTTP API that exposes the RS Production “in memory database”.

The API calls are made over HTTP with standard Get/Put and Post methods, the data can be serialized in either XML or JSON format

Manual data capture

In some processes, manual data capture is the best way to do it. RS Production offers easy ways for operators to capture most types of production events.

Setup and configuration guides


Products and addons

Machine Data Interface

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