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Connect machine signals OPC

This is a feature in Machine Data Interface


This guide explain how to connect the machine signals from OPC and create standard signals in RS Production.


  • OPC have 3 different standard types of inputs

    • OPC value: Example: Article information

    • OPC counter: Example: Cycle signals / Scrap signals

    • OPC Status input: Example: ON/OFF signals


First we need to connect the OPC server and tags (1). If you want counter or status tags, they also need to be created in the viritual blackbox (2).

  1. Connect OPC server and OPC tags in RS Production

  2. Then create counter and status tags on the virtual Blackbox to complete the OPC connection. (value signals do not need to be created on a viritual black box)

    1. Create OPC tag on the virtual Blackbox as cycle signal (counter tag)

    2. Create OPC tag on the virtual blackbox as production time signal (status input tag)


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