This guide explain how to configure the IoT box, and create standard signals in RS Production


  • We can have 5 different types of inputs

    • Cycle signal: Example: Counter

    • Extended cycle signal. Example: when more than one product comes out, but unit count is not optimal.

    • Production time signal: Example: ON/OFF signals (run signal, automatic station/reason coding etc)

    • Scrap signal. For Waste

    • Rework signal


First the IoT box need to be configured in RS Production, then the signals can be “created”

  1. Configure IoT box in RS Production

  2. Create the signals that you will use

    1. Create cycletime signal

    2. Create runtime signal

    3. Create Scrap Signal Connection

    4. Create a Rework signal connection

If you want to use a signal to set automatic reason code or automatic station coding, you need to use an input in the IoT box, but you do not need to create the signal. You will use the event handling. Set automatic reason code via signal

What kind of machine signals can RS Production handle?