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OPC UA in RS Production


OPC stands for "Open Platform Communication" and it is a set of standards for communication between industrial control systems and software applications. It is used to provide real-time data access and control of industrial processes and enables different software applications to interact with a variety of industrial devices and protocols. OPC is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, oil, gas, and power generation to connect control systems and software applications for improved efficiency and automation.


If a PLC has an OPC UA server software installed it is possible to connect directly to the OPC UA server using an OPC UA client without the need for any other middleware OPC server software to be installed.

OPC UA enables direct connection with a PLC without any middleware. For PLCs that do not have built-in OPC UA support, it is of course possible to connect the PLC to a compliant OPC UA server software like KepServerEx.

RS Production has a built-in OPC UA client.


This guide will walk through how to register an OPC UA server in RS Production.


  • Register an OPC UA server in RS Production

  • How to register a double input from the OPC server

    • Adding the tag

    • How to find the namespace

    • Setting up the tag-address

  • How to register the boolean input from the OPC server

    • Adding the tag

  • Using an OPC boolean input as an on/off signal to a measuring point in RS Production.

  • Using an OPC counter input as a cycle signal to a measuring point in RS Production.


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