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Connect OPC server and OPC tags in RS Production

This instruction is to connect OPC signals. If you have counter or status signals, they also need to be created.

Connect OPC Server

  1. Go to Section menu “Hardware”

  2. Go to OPC server

  3. Click on Create


  4. Enter the server name.

    This field must be the exact name of the OPC-Server instance and this is used by the client to connect to the correct OPC-Server (When using OPC-UA the name is not important and is not used to find the OPC-Server)

  5. Enter server adress. Example: “opc.tcp://” or a local host if RS Production server is running on the same server as the OPC server.

  6. Click on Connect icon for OPCservertype


  7. Choose OPC UA

  8. Click Save and close

  9. Click on connect icon for RunByUser - the support team should have created a user: Example OPC user

  10. Select the “OPC user

  11. Click “Save and close”

  12. After this it should look like this:
    (Last reading should be the current time and date. If not, Contact Support

  13. Now you have connected the OPC server.

Create and Connect OPC tags

All types of OPC tags are configurated in the same way. In this example we will set up an OPC counter.

  1. Go to Section menu “Hardware”

  2. Go to OPC server

  3. Go to OPC Counter input

  4. Click on Create

  5. A pop up window will appear.

  6. Enter a name for the OPC tag. Standard is to name it after the measure point and function of the tag.
    Example: Measurepoint1_partcounter

  7. Click on Connect icon OPC Server

  8. Select server where the tag is read from

  9. Click Save and close.

  10. Enter OPC Address.
    Template of OPC address:

    Example OPC adress provided by customer nsu=KEPServerEX;s=RGFL_CASEPACKER_HAL2.RGFL_NORREG_L13.OEE_BOX_DONE

  11. Click to connect InputMode.

  12. A pop up window will appear

  13. Mark “Subscription”.

  14. Click Save and close

  15. Click Save and close again

  16. Now it should look like this:
    (“Lastupdated”, “lastchecked” and “laststatuschanged” should be the current time and date when setting up the configurtion. If not, Contact Support . Quality should be marked as “Good”)

  17. Now you are done with connecting the OPC tags.


To use the tag, you now need to create the desired signals

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