The pages created with Screens can be shown in Info Screens, Office tools reports and in Operator tools.

This is a guide to help you make your Screen available from a menu button in the Operator tools menu. Go here to read more about RS Production Operator tools user interface .

Create the Screens page

Follow the steps in the RS Production Screens user guide to create your Screens page.

Publish to Operator tools

When you feel ready to publish your Screens page, go to the bottom left area of the Screens editor.

1. Mark “Operator tools” in the bottom left corner to make it available as a menu button and page in Operator tools.

2. Click Save at the bottom (in the bottom left corner).

Add it to the Operator tools menu

The Screens page is now available amongst the other Operator tools pages. Use the Configure Operator tools menuguide to place it where you want to have it.