Visual facts and data to support meetings and decision making is a core part of RS Production.

Reports and analyzes in Office tools

This page describes how the Reports buttons and functions in Office tools works.

Standard reports

Handle saved report pages

Delete a report in Office tools

Move a report in Office tools

Change name on a report in Office Tools

Standard table reports

  • Stoppages

  • Shifts

  • Article and shifts

  • Orders

  • Day report

  • Articles

  • Scrap table

  • Rework table

  • MDT & MTBF

  • Machine setups

Data health check reports

The data health reports show bad data and input and helps to adjust the errors.

Data health check reports

Current status

The following are the standard overiew reports in RS Production’s Office tools

Custom dashboards and visualizations can be created with RS Production Screens

  • Ongoing shift

  • Machine overview

  • Measure point status

  • Next setup

  • Stands still

  • Lowest/highets efficiency

  • Timeline


The RS Production Screens user guide explains how you can develop your own report pages without any code writing.

The Screens you create can be shown in RS Production Info Screens user interface, in RS Production Operator tools user interface or in the reports and analyzes in Office tools (see above on this page).

Status overview in Mobile

The RS Production Mobile user guide describes how the real time data and reports works.