RS Production is a cloud based solution. It means that there’s no server application that needs to be installed and maintained.

Go to Operation and infrastructure to read more about how the tech behind it all works.

Install Windows client

Office tools, Operator tools and Info screens are local clients running on Windows computers.

Use this guide to Install RS Production Windows client on a Windows computer for Office tools, Operator tools or Info Screens. Go here to read more about RS Production user interfaces.

System requirements

Go here to read more about RS Production System Requirements and what is required from the PC running the client.

Install Mobile on Android or iOS

RS Procuction Mobile runs on Android, iOS and in any web browser.

Go to the RS Production Mobile user guide to find a guide how to install RS Production Mobile.

Get started with RS IoT

Configuring, connecting and getting started with RS IoT is described in this pdf

RS IoT Manual EN.pdf

If you want to connect the RS IoT over local WiFi instead of 4G, use the form on this page and we’ll hekp you.