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Production runs

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There are three types of runs (different ways of running order/article on a measure point).

Each of them represents a way to start/stop productions runs on a Measure point.


The most common way to start/stop production runs is by using the Production plan page in RS Production Operator tools user interface.

  • The simplest setup is to use article runs.

  • If you need to follow up an order or use RS Production to report back to ERP, you need order runs.

Article run

In an article run, the operators start and stop articles without a link to an order number, planned start time/end time or ordered amount.

With article runs you get the level of data collection required for a complete OEE-measurement.

You create the articles and assign them to be run on a measure point. They are connected through the article’s object card.

Order run

With order runs you create the order object and assign it to one or more measure points.

If you run an order run, you can pause it and return to the same order. Here the order will be registered as several separate production runs.

You will get all details about amounts, planning date and status. Either per production run, or for all runs related to the same production order.

You can also save and follow the outcome by order number.

Dummy order

The most straightforward type of run is called dummy order.

Here you define just one article on the measure point and then run with the settings, regardless of what you are producing.

It is done by not showing the production plan page in Operator tools.

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