This is feature is included in RS Production OEE and RS Production ACT.

There are three types of runs (different ways of running order/article on a measure point): For each measure point, you select the one that suits best. You cannot run article runs and order runs simultaneously.

Dummy order

The first and most straightforward type of run is called dummy order. Here you define just one article on the measure point and then run with the settings, regardless of what you are producing.

Article run

The second option is article run. Here you create the articles that will currently be run on a measure point and link them to the measure point via the article’s object card. In this case, you run the orders without order number, ordered amount, planning date and similar details.

With article runs you get the level of data collection required for a complete OEE-measurement.

Order run

The third option is order run. Here you create the order object you are planning on measure points. In this case, you will get all details about amounts, planning date and status. You can also save and follow the outcome by order number.