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How-to register an input to read an OPC UA boolean


These steps need to be completed before continuing

How to

Start by going to the menu: Hardware \ OPC server

Select the OPC server and then click on the Open button

On the left side of the dialog select the: Inputs alternative and the click on the Create button and select OPC server bool input

Now we need to get the data from the OPC server in order to construct the complete address according to the construct:

  • nsu=[Full namespace name];[identifier type]=[Identifier]

A more complete guide on how the above address is configured is covered in the article about how to add a value input

From the external OPC client (UaExpert), we get the following information to construct the the address for the OPC tag.

  • NamespaceIndex: 4

  • IdentifierType: String (s)

  • Identifier: Demo.Static.Scalar.Boolean

Use the NamespaceIndex: 4 to check the complete namespace (nsu) using the namespace array:

At index 4 the namespace is:

Building the complete address

  • nsu=;s=Demo.Static.Scalar.Boolean

Configuring the OPC value in RS Production



Field description


On / Off signal

A good readable name what the value is about.

OPC server

Demo OPC server

OPC Address


The complete address to the OPC tag / item

Input mode


The subscription mode updates automatically when the value is changes at the server.



Update frequency in milliseconds

Save and close

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