RS Production is delivered as a cloud operated service. Below is an example of a system overview from a typical factory installation with an OPC data source.

Firewalls and ports

All data traffic to the RS Production cloud service is initiated from the local clients.

  • There is never any traffic initiated from the RS Production Service on the Azure cloud.

  • Traffic is on port 443 with https

    • or port 80 with http

See more details about ports on this page System Requirements


Can RS Production run OnPrem, or on another cloud or server center?

Yes, it is possible to run the server application outside Azure. RS Production is built on .Net and runs on a Windows environment. It needs a Microsoft SQL Server and for most installations it is enough with the Express editon.

What technology is the user clients based on?

It’s a server/client software with “rich” clients. The user interface is based on Microsofts Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).