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Cloud service

RS Production is cloud first

RS Production is distributed as a cloud service and is run in Microsoft’s Azure environment.

1 = You should focus on production improvements

Leave software operation to us

  • Easier to remote connect and support

  • Clear responsibility interfaces

  • No need for investment on your side (Opex instead of Capex)

2 = Don’t think about (or take additional costs for)

  • Server handling

    • Disk, CPU etc

    • Operating System and updates

  • Software version updates

  • Data storage

    • SQL servers

    • RS Production data backup

  • Data traffic costs

  • System uptime

    • Capacity redundancy

  • Server and infrastructure competence and expertise

3 = High level of security

4 = Your responsibility will be

  • Install user clients

    • Automatically updated at new version releases

  • Enable communication from local clients out to cloud service

  • Operation of possible RS Production Integration Clients, see System Requirements for details.


What technology is the user clients based on?

It’s a server/client software with “rich” clients. The user interface is based on Microsoft´s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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