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Cloud service

RS Production is cloud first

RS Production is distributed as a cloud service and is run in Microsoft’s Azure environment.

1 = You should focus on production improvements

Leave software operation to us

  • Easier to remote connect and support

  • Clear responsibility interfaces

  • No need for investment on your side (Opex instead of Capex)

2 = Don’t think about (or take additional costs for)

  • Server handling

    • Disk, CPU etc

    • Operating System and updates

  • Software version updates

  • Data storage

    • SQL servers

    • RS Production data backup

  • Data traffic costs

  • System uptime

    • Capacity redundancy

  • Server and infrastructure competence and expertise

3 = High level of security

4 = Your responsibility will be

  • Install user clients

    • Automatically updated at new version releases

  • Enable communication from local clients out to cloud service

  • Operation of possible RS Production Integration Clients, see System Requirements for details.


Can it run OnPrem, or on another cloud or server center?

Yes, it is possible to run the server application outside Azure. RS Production is built on .Net and runs on a Windows environment. It needs a Microsoft SQL Server and for most installations it is enough with the Express edition.

What technology is the user clients based on?

It’s a server/client software with “rich” clients. The user interface is based on Microsoft´s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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