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Speed loss (OEE Performance loss)

This is feature is included in RS Production OEE

This page gives you an understanding of how RS Production handles speed losses and OEE Performance losses.

Give reason codes to speed losses

On the “Speed loss” page in Operator tools, you can give loss reasons to speed losses.

You can set the speed losses to be summarized and categorized every 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.

Other settings for speed losses include threshold limit for speed loss% before the operator need to give a reason code.

Also, how many minutes of production it must have been during the speed loss summary interval before the operator need to give a reason code.

Speed losses shares the same reason codes as the stops.  

Micro stoppages

There’s a setting that allow you to decide if micro stoppages should be a part of availability losses (default) or speed losses/OEE Performance losses.

Uptime, downtime and cycle times in RS Production

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