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The Article register is used in both cases when you use article production manager and production manager. An article is used to recognise a product, give it properties and enable filtering, searching and sorting in reports and analyses. The article register is under the Production menu, and then under Articles.

To add a new article, go to the article register and click on Create new. Fill in the parameters for the article.

In its basic version, an article has just three parameters



Article number

Number for identifying the article.


Description or name of the article.

Article type

A way of grouping together several articles and making them searchable as a group in the analysis tool.


If an article has one or more machine signal settings that deviate from the general settings of the Measure point, they are overridden at article level. Read more in the section on measure point settings about the machine signal settings.

To change settings on an article, you highlight the article in the article register and click on Edit details. Open the tab Machine signal settings.

Now click on Create new. Fill in and link the following parameters:



Measure point

The measure point to which the setting is to apply.


The article should already have been specified here, but check to ensure it is correct.


Value of the setting.

Setting type

May be one of the following:
Longest cycle time [Seconds]

Optimal cycle time [Seconds]

Limit for production stoppage [Seconds]

Setup cycles on changeover [Seconds]

Shortest cycle time [Seconds]

Shortest stop displayed in the terminal [Seconds]

Speed constant [Units per time unit](Requires customer-specific addition)

Units per cycle [Seconds]


You do not have to superimpose all values if you want to superimpose one only. For this, the measure point’s value is used instead.

These flexible settings allow RS Production to run with different settings for the same article on different measure points.

Changes that are made take effect directly but do not affect earlier or ongoing runs. Your article will use the new settings the next time it is run.

For changed settings to take effect on an ongoing run, this must be paused and restarted.

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