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What do I need to start using RS IoT for energy monitoring?

To send you the correct hardware and to make a correct configuration of RS Production Energy

First of all, you need to know the following

  • Is it one phase or three phases?

  • What size of current clamps will you need (how many ampere? and what is the physical size of the cable?)

  • What is the machine’s power factor?

To also get your energy cost

RS Production automatically captures kWh prices from Nordpool, or you can enter your own cost per kWh

To also get CO2e footprint

RS Production automatically captures CO2e per kWh from Novtricity, or you can enter your own CO2e conversion factor per kWh.

To get energy cost and CO2e footprint per article and produced unit

When running RS Production Energy together with RS Production OEE, you will get

  • kWh, energy cost and CO2e footprint per produced unit

  • Difference between different articles (part numbers)


Frequently asked questions



What data will I get from this?

RS IoT is automatically capturing power usage (watt) and RS Production Energy converts this to kWh, cost and CO2.

On what type of equipment is this working?

RS IoT with current clamps measure electricity.

How does RS IoT capture the power consumption?

We’ll send you current clamps together with the RS IoT. The clamps are easy to mount directly on the machine’s power supply line.

What help will I need from an electrician to install this?

No help will be needed from an electrician as long as you use the current clamps to capture power usage.

RS IoT is connect to a normal 230V power supply.

The current clamps are mounted directly on the power supply line and you will need no electrician skills or tools.

What help will I need from IT to install the hardware?

You will need no help from IT. You configure the hardware easily through your smartphone and it connects directly through the

We have very weak mobile network at our factory, how can I be sure that the mobile data transfer will work?

RS IoT communicates over an IoT data network. It is slower than the data network we use for our smartphones, but instead it is much stronger.

Our best recommendation is to try. Contact us and we’ll send you a box and we’ll help you to try if you have enough coverage.

What access to the local network is needed from RS IoT?

No connection to the local network is needed.

What do I have to install on my on premise network and computers?

Only Windows client software for operators, dashboards and settings. RS Production is cloud based and the local clients only need outbound access to the internet. 

What access to machine PLC or sensors is needed?

No access to any PLC or sensors are needed.

If you feel that you want to do this in another way

Are there other ways for RS IoT to capture machine signals and events?

Yes. RS IoT have 8 inputs for 24V signals and you can use them to capture usage counters (pulses) from other types of meters. Contact us and we will help you find the right sensor for electricity or gas.

Can RS IoT Connect to the cloud through our WiFi instead of the mobile data network?

Yes. RS IoT can connect to your WiFi. The configuration app for your smartphone have a step by step guide to help you do this.

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