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Required data for order and article import integration

This document explains what kind of data is required for importing articles and orders into RS Production, regardless of the technical solution.

Must have


  • Article identifier TEXT
    Article number or name.


  • Order identifier TEXT
    Order name or number.

  • Targeted amount NUMBER
    How many units of article should be produced.

  • Planning group or work center TEXT
    On which measure point(s) should order be available.

Nice to have


  • Article description TEXT
    A read friendly name of article.

  • Article type TEXT
    Can be used to group similar articles together in reports.


  • Planned start date TEXT

  • Planned finish date TEXT



  • Operation number TEXT
    If applicable.

  • Order info TEXT
    Miscellaneous information.


Occasionally imported data that requires some additional functionality beside the integration.


  • Optimal cycle time NUMBER

  • Unit factor NUMBER

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