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Machine Data Network coverage

RS IoT uses a machine data network that is stronger but slower than the 4G or 5G network used for smart phones.

Understand the network coverage

It can be difficult to predict how good the coverage of the mobile data network is at a specific machine.

We recommend testing with an RS IoT device and antenna beforehand. Talk to your contact person to get access to an RS IoT for testing.

  1. Place the RS IoT and the antenna where you want to test. Ensure that the device is powered. No other inputs need to be in place.

  2. Click the configuration button. When it starts to blink red/green it is activated.

  3. Use the Configuration mobile app to log in to the RS IoT (it creates a Wi-Fi network). Talk to your contact person to the credentials you need at this stage.

  4. You will see the connection status. If the device is connected, it will also show the connection strength.

Connection strength


Good to go

<= 5

Extremely poor


6 - 10

Very weak


11 - 15



16 - 20



21 - 30






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