Many factories use RS Production as their MES-system.

Data integration

Below is a selection of typical integrations in a RS Production MES using both standard and custom integrations.

From/to ERP (incl MPR, APS, WMS)

RS Production gets

  • Production orders

  • Order queue with prio

  • Articles (products)

  • Article properties

  • Machine calendar

RS Production returns

  • Order/operation status

  • Produced, scrapped, approved amount

  • Amount ready for stock

  • Machine time, change over time

  • Cycle times and time per unit

  • Downtime, scrap with reason codes

To BI/ Excel

RS Production provides

  • Order times and amounts

  • Workshift times and amounts

  • Downtimes, scraps w loss reason codes

  • Cycle times and time per unit

From/to EAM (enterprise asset management)

RS Production provides

  • Machine cycle counter

  • Machine uptime

  • Machine downtime (breakdowns)

  • Work order requests

RS Production gets

  • Work order status (connected to each machine)

From/to machine equipment

RS Production gets

  • Current article/product

  • Current machine status

    • Uptime/downtime

    • Cycle counter

    • Scrap counter

    • Rework counter

    • Automatic reason code

  • Process values and measurements

RS Production provides

  • Current article/product

  • Current order/operation

  • Machine recipe/settings

MES integration interfaces

RS Production have the following integration interfaces for MES. Read more details in Integration Interface and Machine Data Interface.