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Sustainable factory

Reducing energy consumption is a challenge and an excellent opportunity for all manufacturing companies. At the same time, meeting the climate goals is absolutely necessary.

Executive summary

By identifying and eliminating unnecessary energy consumption, manufacturing companies canreduce both costs and CO2 e footprint.

A typical manufacturing company with an annual turnover of around EUR 100 million can reduce annual energy costs by around EUR 125 000 and reduce its CO2 e footprint by 60 to 80 tonnes.

This means a reduced direct CO2 e footprint per manufactured unit by around 10%. Data collected
may also be used for ESRS reporting.

You can essentially work according to two methods.

The first involves achieving more time efficient production.This method is the most value-creating.

The second method is to reduce the energy consumption of equipment while in use.This method is less value-creating.

Both methods are based on measuring and visualising energy consumption automatically in real time. Combining this with a production and disruption follow-up (OEE) would be best to achieve more time-efficient production.
Both methods require structured improvement work.

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