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Superuser's guide to RS Production Operator tools

This guide goes through all configuration possibilities in RS Production OEE, from A to Z.

To do many of the settings, you’ll need a user profile added to the “Super users” user group.

Screen resolution

RS Production Operator tools is designed to run on a 1024x768 screen as lowest resolution. Running on higher resolutions works fine.

Operator tools' Start page

By setting a ”Start page menu item” and a ”Operator login – Page menu item” in the Measure point configuration you can automatically direct the user to certain pages when starting Operator tools and when clocking in as an Operator.

Operator tools will automatically re-direct to the ”Start page menu item” when the Operator tools client haven’t been touched for a certain time (default two minutes (can be changed)).

Operator tools' Headerfields

Operator tools' measure point buttons

Operator tools' menu buttons and Data sync indicator

Operator tools' pages

Production plan

Configuration and settings



Shift report

Production report


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