Office tools

We continue to improve Office tools Settings. Our focus is to make managing and to set up RS Production easier.

  • Operator terminal settings are now also in the new Settings menu.

  • Previously the wrong stations could sometimes be displayed when entering station codes in the timeline. This is now corrected.

  • Office tools reports have been updated and improved.

  • The installation number is now available in e-mail reports. This is useful if you get e-mails from several installations.

  • Tooltips showing OEE are now correctly rounded to the nearest decimal.

  • Sorting has been improved in several reports.

Operator tools

  • The page for Reason coding speed losses in Operator tools is updated. It is now possible to scroll back in time to see older speed losses.

  • Free text comments cannot be left empty. You'll need to enter an explanatory text.

  • The Operator tool's feature for splitting stops is improved. It is easier to set more detailed times for splitting stops.


Screens component

3 x Screens components added


The latest version includes the following:

  • The overview of measurement points is now sorted alphabetically.

  • Connection stability is improved, and an issue in stop coding is fixed.


  • An API call that could accidentally overload the server has been removed.