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21.11 Fluorine


The biggest change is that RS Production is now packaged and prepared in order to enable customers to start using RS Production either by using RS OEE or RS ACT. Customers can now begin their RS Production journey with RS ACT and then, later on, buy RS OEE and get all the synergies between the two products or vice verse start with RS OEE and later add RS ACT in order to standardize their work.

Fluorine also includes 105 improvements and corrections.

We have worked to make the setting part of RS Production easier to find and more intuitive to work with collecting all settings at a single point. Improved handling of forms, it is now possible to file a form from Office tools and new screen components have been added for factory overview. 

See the pre-recorded webinar to get more information

Release notes

New features



Feature toggling

Enables users to chose which of the licensed features that should be active, simplifies and enhances UX.

Wizard for setting up Forms

For new installations the start up wizard now also include settings for forms.

Settings UI

All system settings aggregated at one and the same place in the system.

Form handling in Office tools

Improved handling of forms from office tools is now possible to file a report directly from office tools




Memory optimizations

  • Language strings

  • Many reference initialization

  • Deep GC heap defragmentation

Database optimizations

  • Automatic reindexing at on-premise installations.

  • Added more index

Private SSL cert on HTTP-API

Added possibility to encrypt the traffic over SSL using a customer owned certificate on-premise.

Machine status in Operator Tools

If a measure point that has lost its connection to IO interface it will show a black status with “No machine connection”

Export to CSV

An export direct to .csv option added to table reports

Link to release notes

A link to the published release notes has been added to the Update page in Office tools

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