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Report controls

Much of the work with RS Production is intended to create a good factual basis for decisions. The integrated analysis engine, completed report pages and exports to Excel provide you with all the options you need to produce facts that will form the basis for decisions.

Do not perform reports and analyses until all data packages have loaded. Otherwise, there may be data that is not included in the reports. Read more on loading while starting RS Production here.

If the report and analysis tool appears to be running slowly, try to make smaller data selections. Either reduce the time selection or select fewer measure points or articles.

Use the pause button to prevent data loading directly on a filter change. This is very useful when you want to make several changes in your selection and save a lot of time.




Clear selection

Reset all selections made in the data dimension. All objects will be unhighlighted.

Invert selection

All highlighted objects will be unhighlighted and all unhighlighted objects will be highlighted

Pause automatic conversion

Disable automatic conversion of reports and analyses on each change of dimension selection.

Activate automatic conversion

Re-enable automatic conversion of reports and analyses on each dimension selection.

Update calculations

When automatic conversion of reports and analyses is disabled, this function is used for manually requesting they be converted and displayed.

RS Production has a wide selection of ready-made tools for analyses and reports. There are printer- and email-ready report pages and table reports produced both for analysis in RS Production and for reporting to Excel.

To make the procedure as user-friendly as possible, the time and data filter is common to all reports. This allows you to move between report pages and still retain the selection you made.

Time selector

Top left is the data and time selector. There are three ways of making a selection here. One way is to select a fixed date using the calendars on the far left. Another way is to select a relative date in the dropdown list far right. The third way is to drag and drop directly in the calendar.

A factory day is not from midnight to midnight

Even if you make a time selection from midnight to midnight, the time filter will include all production data that, according to the scheduling, belongs to the selected dates (you set a weekday on the shift). This is so that you always get the correct data basis for e.g. a night shift that lasts beyond midnight when you extract reports for morning meetings.

Dimension filters

Top right is the dimension filter. Here you select the measure points, articles, shift team etc. you want to include. If you do not make any selection at all in the dimension filter, all possible selections will be displayed.

Print and save

Using the Print menu button, you send the selected report page to the printer of your choice.

The Save menu button gives you the option to save a selection you have made as a page anywhere in the menu system. You can also replace an existing page. To avoid distributing lots of pages into the menu systems of all users, you can also select the user(s) to whom the page should be available.

Delete a report page

If you want to delete a page you have saved, press down and hold the Alt key at the same time as clicking on the page. In the object card that opens, click on the link button in the Root menu row and select Delete and close in the menu row. The page then disappears from the menu but still remains as a page if you want to add it back again at a later time.  

Saved report pages can be scheduled for printing to save time before recurring meetings. This is done under the menu Printing and then Scheduled printing

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