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RS IoT - Current Clamps

This are the standard formats for current clamps.


Maximum cable diameter

Data sheet

100 Ampere



300 Ampere



600 Ampere



800 Ampere



Besides the above standard sizes, it is possible to get the RS IoT current clamps with the specification you need.

More details

Ensure accurate clamp selection by first matching that the clamp has a higher amp reading than the machines maximum per cable and then matching the clamp size with the machine's cable diameter.

Key Note: Always verify the cable diameter to ensure a proper fit. Incorrect sizingwill lead to installation issues.

It is good to use a clamp with as low amp rating as possible becuase it has a 1% fault window of measurement. Meaning that the 800A clamp could be +-8A of the correct value.
But it will be evenly of the same amount so even smaller changes in amps will be recorded.

Technical Limitations Overview

Voltage Assumption

  • Standard Voltage: RSEnergy operates assuming a 230V system.

  • Implication: Best suited for systems where 230V is the norm. Variations in voltage won't be directly measured.

Current Factor Assumption

  • Standard Current Factor: Assumes a power factor (current factor) of 1.

  • Implication: Not designed for detailed power quality analysis where power factor variations are critical.

Installation Requirements

  • No Electrician Needed: Simplified installation process without the need for professional electrical services.

  • Installation Limitation: Due to non-invasive clamp design, RSEnergy cannot directly measure voltage changes or accurately track power factor variations.

Measurement Constraints

  • Purpose: Ideal for monitoring general energy consumption trends and identifying potential areas for efficiency improvement.

  • Not Suitable For: Situations requiring precise voltage monitoring, detailed power factor analysis, or regulatory compliance measurements.

Usage Recommendations

  • Efficiency Optimization: Highlight RSEnergy's role in identifying energy usage patterns and inefficiencies for optimization efforts.

  • Operational Insights: Emphasize the ability to monitor multiple machines or systems to pinpoint where energy use can be reduced together with the stop data from RSProduction.

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