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Office tools tables

Much of the admin and settings are done in tables. Columns and data rows are different depending on the type of object the table shows.

Editing directly in the table

The contents of many of the cells can be changed directly in the table without opening any object card. If you click once directly in the field you want to change, the cell will be set to edit mode.

The change is saved immediately you leave the cell. You do not need to actively save.

For safety and security reasons, editing cannot be performed in the table reports that are in Reports and Analyses. This is so that users who only have access to reports cannot make changes to data.

Opening an object

Underscored light blue texts contain links to the object displayed. Clicking once on the text will open the object card. From there, changes and additions can then be made to the object. See the section on object cards for further details

Export to Excel

All tables can be exported to Excel. There is a button in the table’s menu field for automatically opening Excel and sending data there.

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