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Office tools object cards

Object card

All types of object also have their own type of object card. An object card shows all settings that can be performed on an object and the object’s associations with other objects.

How many details are shown on the object card differs depending on the user level you have (report user, user, system owner).

All object cards are designed according to the same principles.

  • At the top is a menu row with function buttons.

  • To the left is a menu row with the various pages that can be displayed in the object card.

  • The greater part of the object card is taken up by a function field where the different pages are displayed. At the top of the function field is a row with tabs for switching between different views in the function field.

Clicking on Save

Inside the object cards, you have to click on Save for changes to take effect.

RS-Production Office Tools includes a number of tools that are replicated in several places.

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