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Office tools buttons and icons



Function description

Save changes

Saves the changes that have been made to the server.

Save changes and close

Saves the changes that have been made to the server and closes the window that is open.


Closes the window that is open without saving any changes.

Create new

Creates a new object of the type shown in the table.

Link object

Associates other existing objects with the highlighted object in the table.

Used e.g. when measure points are to be linked to an operator terminal or when a reason code is to be linked to a reason code schedule.

Edit details

Opens the object card for the highlighted object in the table. It is on the object card that you make changes and perform settings for the object.


Deletes the object highlighted in the list. Before the object is deleted, you are asked to confirm your choice (“Are you sure you want to delete the object?”).

Export to Excel

The contents of the table can be exported at any time to Excel. All the pages of the table are sent in the export. The function opens Excel automatically.


Starts printing

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