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Create orders manually

This guide show how to create orders manually in RS Production. (If you don´t have an integration for orders and want to use orders)


  1. Start RS Production

  2. Go to Production


  3. Go to Orders


  4. Click Create


  5. A pop-up window will appear.

  6. Enter ordernumber


  7. Optional step - Connect article by pressing the connect-icon

  8. Mark the article and press Save and close

  9. Optional step - Enter ordered amount, Planned start date and/or Planned finish date

  10. Press Save

  11. Plan the order to a specific measure point by selecting Planned measure points

  12. Press Connect


  13. Mark the measure point and click on the green arrow

  14. Press Save and close

  15. Press Save and close again

  16. Congratulation, you have created and connected an order to specific mearsurepoints.


  17. To create another order, please do step 4-15 again.

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