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This release offers a variety of innovative features, including a modern UX that streamlines navigation and enhances user experience in Office Tools.

A Measure Point Wizard enables customers to create measure points independently, with support for copying configurations from existing points. The new Report Dashboard provides a user-friendly interface for handling reports, while the Usage Index allows users to monitor the utilization of RS Production in different areas. Additionally, the software includes report optimizations, significantly improving report generation speed.

Release notes

New features



New start view

We've given our start view a sleek makeover to improve usability and visual appeal

New menu bar

Streamlines navigation, providing quick access to critical features, including:

  • operator tools,

  • creating support tickets,

  • all your settings,

  • news feed,

  • and quick access to the latest used reports.

Report Dashboard

Neon introduces a new report dashboard that offers a seamless way to access standard reports, create custom reports, and configure existing ones.

Key features include:

  • Access to standard reports and existing screens

  • "Favourites" tag for easy access to favourite reports,

  • Custom tags for user-created reports,

  • Search box for quickly locating specific reports,

  • Configure and favourite buttons for added customization and accessibility,

  • Organized report list for viewing all custom and saved reports.

Measure point wizard

A wizard to enable customers to create measure points by them self. Supports copy of configuration of already existing measure points.

Multiple site login

The client saved the different sites that the user has logged in to.




Improved settings page

  • New search functionality that allows users to find settings using keywords and phrases

  • Articles and Orders are now located on the settings page for easy management

  • Measure Points also moved to the settings page for centralized access.

Report optimizations

Speed optimization of reports.

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