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21.03 Oxygen


RS Production version 21.03 named Oxygen – introduce manual stop coding from the mobile client. That means that stops can be created and categorized manually from both the operators' mobile using RS Production Mobile and from Operator Tools as usual from the PC.

Manual stops do not require a connection to the production machinery. This new capability makes RS Production more functional, easier to get started with, and enables more production areas to benefit from visualized real-time production data.

RS Production 21.03 contains more essential updates such as a re-engineered OPC client and improvements within security, performance, and stability.

Release Notes




HTTPS Traffic

443 is used instead of port 8080 for HTTPS traffic.

New features



Stop handling using RS Production Mobile

Create and categorize stops from the mobile client. Enables operators to use mobile or tablets for complete stop handling without installing a Windows client.

Manual stops using Operator Tools

A new page in operator tools enables operators to create stops manually without the need for a machine signal—a great feature for manual stations where no machines are present. 

New timeline screen

A new timeline screen component shows the status of several in the same view.

Re-engineered OPC Client

The OPC client has been re-engineered. The result is a client with shorter response times, less CPU usage, better memory handling, more comprehensive logging, and better status handling. 




Updated User Interface and internal browser

  • Updated internal browser to latest possible version.

  • Updated internal UI components library from Telerik.

Security updates

  • Improved HTTPS in Azure and changed port from 8080 to standard port 443.

  • Support for minimum password length.

  • Digital code signing of all executables.

  • Support for proxy at on-premise installations.


  • Significantly improved reporting performance (20 x speed). 

  • Ordered amounts available in table reports.

  • Speed is as available as a production value in Screens.

  • Scrap amount per grouping.

  • New Screen component - Gauge for OEE.

Operator tools

  • New and improved user experience for new terminal configuration.

  • New widget for selecting operators in forms.

  • Shortest possible article usage.

  • Paused orders easily visible by a now showing with a blue background in the production plan.

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