When introducing a digital tool for OEE and production follow-up, it is important to not only do a technical installation.

Onboard your team and your processes to RS Production

It is your production team who will work with the tool and it is they who will need to embrace it. Some basic training is well invested time.

Also, the output from an OEE-system must be setup to match your existing work processes and methods.

  • Production KPI

  • Pulse meetings

  • Improvement meetings

What information do you need? Where? At what time?

  • TV-screens

  • Smart phone push notices

  • Automatic emails

  • Print out reports

Talk to your RS Production supplier and discuss a plan for both technical installation and introduction into your processes for daily management and improvements.

Select the tools the are best for you

In addition to real time visualization and factually based decision data, RS Production offers a tool box with digital tools to support many of the various improvement initiatives available for increasing efficiency and productivity.

These include

  • OEE and losses

  • order execution

  • visual management

  • standardized work with event-controlled check lists,

  • orms and instructions

  • changeover reduction

  • maintenance support with performance indicators for technical uptime reliability

  • process stability with static process control checks

  • traceability

  • andon

  • alarm escalation


See inspiration for more example