This is feature is included in RS Production OEE.

To provide the best possible data basis for analyses, RS Production has a few different terms for following up machine downtimes.

Click on “Production” in the main menu and then “Reason codes” in the submenu.

In the drop-down menu bottom left, you can select whether you want to use stop reasons, scrap codes or rework codes.

The yellow texts in the program explain how to create and maintain reason codes all the way through to Operator tools.



Stop reason

A stop reason must state WHY the stop happened (mechanical error, material defect etc.). Often it will be machine operators or technicians near the machine who specify the reason code.

Stop category

The stop category groups the reason codes. Common categories are machine-related, material-related, method-related, person-related. The stop category is not visible to operators but is pre-set hard-coded for the reason code.

Station code

The station code relates to WHERE the stop occurred (filler, labelling machine)

A combination of reason code and station code gives you a good basis for identifying disturbance patterns, including in more complex production processes.