Addon to RS Production OEE

Operator tools

Opens up one new page in Operator tools where you can identify id of used ingoing material. It can also be used to identify tool id and similar.


  • Catch id for ingoing materials

    • Barcode scanner

    • RFID

    • Manual

  • Register waste for ingoing materials

Screen examples

Office tools

Opens up possibility to see all included materials ids in a production order + see all production orders where a material id is included.

  • Define bill of material (BOM) for material to track

  • Track material used

  • Number series settings


Force identification of ingoing material/parts

You can pre-define one or several ingoing parts/articles that the operators must identify for every article/type of product.

When starting a new order Operator tools will be locked until all ingoing materials are identified.

Waste of ingoing material

The above function with identification of ingoing material/parts also opens up the possibility to register waste of ingoing parts/material. This will not affect the OEE.

Trace what part ids that are included in a specific product

In Office tools you can go into the object card of an order or an article run and see a table of all included materials ids.

Trace what orders/products a specific part id is included in

You can click on one of the materials in the table mentioned above and see all orders and article runs it have been included in.

Generate id for produced units/batches

Last but not least, PK204 can generate number series for produced products.