RS Production OEE have standard capacilities for multi site installations. The Multisite addon opens up the possibility to handle several factory accounts of RS Production from one single account.

Definition Service

The Definition Service help you to push out system settings and configurations from a central level to the local sites.

It ensures that the local sites get a common basic configuration aligned to your central policies (OEE etc).

For example it make it possible to define and edit a standard loss reason structure on central level and distribute it to all local installations. 

Definition service has version control, which makes it possible to create new packages without affecting the current version and publish the packages to one or more installations when the time is right. This also makes it possible to revert to a previous version if something needs to be adjusted.

Helps you to harmonize things between several separate installations.

  • settings

  • loss model (reason codes and categories)

  • integrations

  • customizations

Note that each account/installation needs to be restarted (in the background) to receive the updated settings.

Aggregation Service

The Aggregation Service captures data from the local sites and enables one single login to overview all local installations.

OEE and other KPIs are calculated in real time on the central level using the captured raw data (times and amounts). The resolution of the gathered data is OEE and amounts per measure point per day.