In this guide you will learn of how to set-up an event handling for a first article approval form.
Prerequisites for this event handling is that a form must have been created and that planned order runs are utilized.

If you haven't created a form please consult the guide Create a form.

Create an event handling

  1. Go to System administration, click Event handling and then go to Observations
  2. Click "Create"
  3. Give the event handling a name, either make the window full screen or enlarge it enough for the "Name" box to appear.
  4. Click "Save" and then close the window.
  5. Tick the box Execution disabled so the event handling won't start before you have finished the configuration. (If you can't find your Observation, try switching page which is done at the bottom of the window)
  6. Click the connect button to connect a system event to the event handling.
  • Choose the system event "Measuring point has produced units" and then press "Save and close"
  • Now select the event and open it again.


  1. Double klick the symbol called "Observation"
  2. Press the plus symbol by the folder "Observation".
  3. Adjust the window to an appropriate size.
  4. Select "Current producing unit" and then click "Add" to add the observation.
    The observations which are added can be moved by click-and-drag in the grid window.
  5. Select the measure point that will be using the event handling.
  6.  Add "Current terminal" so that the form is directed the right terminal
  7. Select current terminal.
  8. Now add  the observation "Produced amount since orderstart"
  9. Enter how many units that needs to be produced since the start of an order until the form shall appear. 
    In this case since it is a first article approval form,  the amount which has been entered is 1.
    You also get the choices:
    Get produced amount from the current order - By ticking this box the form will appear even after an order has been paused and started again. 
    Limit check to produced on current measure point - Use this box if you are working with one order on two or more machines and want the form to only appear on a specific machine.
  10. Now you have to connect "start condition" to all the observations consecutively, ending with "EndCondition".
    This is done by left-clicking on "start condition", then holding down the Alt-key while left clicking on each observation ending on "End condition".
    The connection will be indicated by arrows connecting the observation. 
    Arrows are erased by clicking them and then pressing delete on your keyboard.
    All observations can be connected separately by first clicking one and then while  holding the ALT-key clicking the one you wish to connect it with.
  11. When you connect "Current terminal" to "Produced since orderstart" you will be given a choice, select "Input: Boolean" by clicking the text.
  12. Left click "Produced since order start" then hold the ALT-key while left clicking "EndCondition".
  13. When you connect "Produced since order start" to "EndCondition" you will be given a choice, select "Output: Boolean".
  14. Now select "InternalInstance: Boolean" by clicking the text.
  15. Now the observations are done. Click the tab "WorkFlow for SystemEventBinding:New event".


  1. Double-click "Actions"
  2. Click the plus-button next to the "Actions" folder.
  3. Select the action "Open new form" and then press "Add"
  4. Select which form you want to be opened by selecting it in the drop-down list.
    You can also enter how many seconds it should take before the form should be considered late (not mandatory).
  5. You also get two choices for added functionality, neither of which are mandatory.
    If you want the form to pop-up and cover the screen you can tick the box "Show as popup".
    By ticking the box "Disable close in popup" the form can only be closed by clicking "Save". This will in effect lock the screen prohibiting the user from doing anything else until the form has been saved.
  6. Now press "Save" and then close the window.


  • The event handling is now completed. Remember to untick the box "Execution disabled" when you want to activate it.