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SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

What is a Standard Operating Procedure?

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a document with a set of superclear, written directions for how to standardize operating procedures in your organization.

Ex. How is the methods for the Quality controls in your company?

Why is a Standard Operating Procedure important?

Standard Operating Procedure documentation is important because it allows companies to systematize their processes, and keep all team members on the same road at all times, so it is totally clear for everyone how things should be done. Even for new employees.

What is the different between Standard Operating Procedure and process?

The biggest different is that a process is on a higher level, and just tell us what a process can do, not exactly how.

How should you start working with a Standard Operating Procedure?

Standardize your best practise for the procedure. When you know best practise you can start to document that in your SOP document

Step 1, Do it:

First, you figure out how to do the procedure (best practise). A good tip is to film the procedure with a cam.

Ex. How is the method for your Quality controls? (Take the best practise)

Step 2, Document it:

Once you have developed the best practise for your procedure, write it down, step by step.

Step 3, Delegate it:

When you have documented the process, different roles in your team can step up to step in. This is when you can take off one of the many hats you may have been wearing, and it becomes much easier to scale.

Typical example when SOP can help your organization

  • Easy following instructions for your company (quality, working etc.)

  • New employees have correct routins to follow (best practise)

  • You have document on every procedure wich gives you more and faster flexibility with less claims and lower tresholds

  • The thresholds for the employees is lower, so they can get the job done faster if they are working in many different departments

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