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RS Production OEE benefits for Factory Managers

By using RS Production OEE, you will be able to

Determine your available capacity

See your potential

Identify your main challenges and set relevant business goals

Give the organization the tools they need to prioritize resources and minimize cost

Be able to follow up on results and progress – all in your mail or on your mobile!

Prioritizing your resources

As a factory manager, you want to make sure that you deliver

→ the right product

→ at the right quantity

→ at time at the right quality

→ and at the right cost

Depending on your situation the focus can shift between these aspects. For example, with high demand, “right quantity” is priority. But when the demand decreases, the focus might shift to “right cost”. Regardless of situation, all aspects are important.

So, with this in mind you set up a plan that will allow you to meet all requirements. And then life happens.  You did not produce the planned volumes; the machine had unplanned downtime, the quality loss was higher than expected and you had speed losses along the way. Now you want to know why?!

→ which loss

→ which machine    

→ which product

→ which shift

needs your attention?

RS Production will give you the answers and by doing so giving you the focus area you should prioritize. Knowing where you are will allow you to create the path towards the goal.

Follow up and lasting results

Once you have taken action, you will want to follow up on the outcome. Did you achieve desired result? RS Production will continue to feed you real time facts, and you can custom make reports relevant for your focus area.

Daily management

RS Production will provide you with facts to your daily meetings. You can choose from existing reports or build your own. If you do not have a screen present at the meeting, you can always have your report automatically printed or emailed at a predefined time.

Having indisputable facts that show the whole picture, will allow you to focus on the right actions to take, and reduce the time spent on discussing different versions of “the truth”.

Green focus

By reducing your losses you will also reduce the environmental impact of your production. By decreasing quality losses, you will directly use less material and less energy. This will not only show on your financial spreadsheets but also on your environmental footprint.

Continuing that thought, fewer machines will need to be produced (and bought) for you to produce the same volumes. So the effects continue outside of your company…

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