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RS Production OEE benefits for company owners

By using RS Production OEE, you will be able to

Determine your available capacity

See your potential

Identify your main challenges and set relevant business goals

Give the organization the tools they need to prioritize resources and minimize cost

Be able to follow up on results and progress – all on your mobile!

“A penny saved is a penny earned”…

As a business owner, you want to ensure the highest possible return on your investment. This is of course achieved by

→ maximizing your revenue

→ and minimizing your cost

Increasing revenue is part of the daily business. In fact it is the sole purpose of sales and marketing. However, no matter how much more you sell, if you have production losses, these will be inherent in the additional volumes and continue to “steal” from your increased margin.

We say, “if you have production losses”, but the truth is that all production has losses. The average utilization of Swedish production facilities is 50-60%. That means that there is 40-50% pre-existing potential!

We would also argue that cost reduction is far more effective and a faster way to make a difference on the bottom line, compared to working with increased revenue.

Green focus

In addition, reducing waste means decreasing the environmental impact of your production. By decreasing quality losses, you will directly use less material and less energy. This will not only show on your financial spreadsheets but also on your environmental footprint.

Continuing that thought, fewer machines will need to be produced (and bought) for you to produce the same volumes. So the effects continue outside of your company…

Moving volumes and consolidating production

With several production facilities with similar production you might face the following questions:

→ Where is it most efficient to place additional volumes

→ Is it possible to consolidate production?

→ If so, where to place it?

→ Is it possible to plan in such a way that you can reduce expensive overtime and weekend shifts?

→ How much do you need to increase efficiency to do so?  

RS Production will help you answer these questions based on facts, not feelings or guesstimations. You can see each production site on its own or consolidate and get the full picture.


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