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React earlier and avoid losses

Deviations eats your result

Production is a complex world and things happens quickly. Many times, deviations and losses happen in “silence” and it can be hard to quickly involve the right people to restore the situation and get production up and running again. The list of things you want to be aware of directly when they happen can be long

  • Throughput is low on a bottle neck

  • Machine breakdown will soon start to effect output volumes

  • Costly quality losses

  • And more …

For all the above, you want to react quick. You want the right people to be aware and you want them to be able to do the right prio as soon as possible.

  • Production leaders

  • Production technicians

  • Maintenance technicians

  • Quality technicians

  • Production management

  • Factory management

The possibility to handle problems quick saves you production time and it will have direct impact on your most important factory KPI

  • Cost per unit / Resource efficiency

  • Delivery precision

  • Quality


Remember that even a small problem will grow big if you don’t solve it quick enough.

Help the right team members to react, at the right time

But still, deviations happens. You can not avoid them. You will have to handle them and the quicker you can do it, the better it is.

That is why you want to automatically inform the right people in your team when something happens that they should be aware of.

React on deviations

There are many types of events in a production that you want different roles to be aware of.

  • Throughput < X per hour

  • Downtime > X minutes

  • Scrap > X units

  • Changeover > X minutes

  • Quality measure > X

  • Stop of reason X

  • Machine alarm X

  • Manual andon call

Push information

And there are different ways you can help you team members to be aware that there is a deviation

  • Light and sound (good to get attention from operators and leaders who are close to machine)

  • Show information on TV-screen (good for operators (and leaders) who are close the machines and have line of sight with TV-screen 99% of the time)

  • Push notice in mobile app (good when you want to spread information to roles who are not close to the machine)

  • E-mail (good when you need to spread information to specific role(s) but the reaction don’t have to be immediate)

  • Pulse meeting report (good when you want an overview of deviations to look at) 

Configure this in RS Production

RS Production is a standard software tool helping manufacturing companies to act based on data and facts.

RS Production have a real time event handling engine and an easy user interface to configure this. It is built up on the following sequence

  • WHEN – something happens – Event in RS Production

  • IF – a simple logic check is true – Observation in RS Production

  • THEN – push out a message in a predefined way – Action in RS Production

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