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Industry 4 as a revolution in the automation of your work processes

Industry 4.0, Industrie 4.0, i4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is term that compiles many different technologies and concepts within industrial automation, information technology and manufacturing technology.

There is for sure a connection to “Internet of Things” and it is much about connecting machine equipment and the production processes to each other in the same way as computers and mobile phones where connected to Internet in the 1990’s.

When connecting machines, material, products and operators you get a digital representation of units and entities. This concept is called digital twin.

Industry 4 automate the integration between machines and work processes

By automating actions and activities, you will

  • be less depending on correct human actions at the right time

  • see less human errors

  • get reduced changeover times

  • and much more …

The unplanned will always happen

No matter how automized and digitized a factory is, unplanned things and deviations will always occur.

Digital twin representation of the production processes and its units enables real time visualization of the factory’s state vs plan and is an extremely useful tool for efficient operations and management

  • Everyone shares a common picture

    • Same data used in different applications

  • Act based on facts

  • React faster

  • Feed data back to planning systems for continuous improvement

  • Reduced manual administration

  • And much more …

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