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Find 1000's of hidden production hours in your factory


Your factory has significant hidden production potential

The hidden factory represents the unused capacity of your plant. This potential is the maximum extra production capacity that you can realize without capital investments, such as new machines.

The potential hidden in your factory is often much more significant than you might think. Many production managers are surprised when they understand that they usually have just as much capacity potential to realize as they already use.

There are four main reasons limiting production capacity, e.g., the hidden factory.

Schedule loss

Time when production can run but is without scheduled production.

Availability loss

Time when production can run, but machines are not operating.

Speed loss

Time when production is running, but not as fast as it could.

Quality loss

Time when production is running, but the output is not of sufficient quality.

Increase competitiveness by opening up the hidden factory

By accessing more production hours using existing equipment, the throughput in the factory increases without any additional capital costs. Your customers will receive the same product with the same characteristic, but with less resources consumed per produced unit. This efficiency improvement provides three significant benefits:

  1. Lowered unit costs leading to increased profitability due to less resource consumption per produced unit.
  2. Increased production flexibility allows for shorter series, with shorter lead times, and with lower stock levels.
  3. Delayed capital investments since existing equipment will provide increased capacity.

The type of follow-up used to identify the potential of your hidden factory is called OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measurement. With modern digital systems for OEE, there is also an opportunity to detect unused planning capacity. The basic concept is to reduce disturbances to increase resource utilization

RS Production finds your hidden factory

RS Production from Good Solutions can identify and visualize all losses in your factory. In real-time and historically. The loss model shows a clear picture of where the hidden potential for your factory lies.

To be clear of the potential in identifying your hidden factory potential: One more production minute per hour will turn to 100 production hours in one year. Every minute creates increased competitiveness:

  • 1 minute per machine per hour
  • 8 minutes per machine per shift
  • 2 hours per machine per week
  • About 100 machine hours per year to increase the machine minute per hour at a 3-shift.

Are you ready for digital support in data-driven production?

Your teams' maturity and work processes and routines will show what type of data-driven production solution is suitable for your organization. Our experts can guide you further.

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