Research shows that digitized manufacturing companies are more profitable than others. The key is data-driven decision-making and management processes.

We have summarized our four main takeaways after guiding more than 150 factories all over the world to implement data-driven production successfully. These four tips will ensure to take your factory closer to an excellent ROI.

1. Identify your factory's information requirements

The work and decision-making processes of your business must be the foundation of the solution requirements. Hidden potentials are identified and realized when decision-makers on all levels have access to visualized real-time production facts. Improvement work can succeed when everyone from operators to management look at the same facts when resolving a problem.

2. Answer the question: How do we want to control our processes tomorrow?

When you have easy access to objective real-time production facts, there is a significant opportunity to take leadership over the situation quickly. By questioning today's metrics, and the work processes you use, new opportunities to respond better and faster will appear.

3. Invest in training and skills development

When all employees can act wiser and faster than they did yesterday, they can make the most out of the opportunities created by working with data-driven production.

4. Appoint a champion

Invest in having an appointed data-driven production champion and system owner. This person should have full control over their production processes and understand the information needs for different roles. The champion will provide the rest of the organization with the necessary support to have access to the right information and training.