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Machine Data Interface

RS Productions Machine Data Interface opens up the OPC interface and the Machine data Webservice API for machine data integrations.


OPC provides a common bridge between Windows-based software (like RS Production) and process control hardware. OPC offers a standard way to read/write data from/to plant floor devices.

Read more about OPC UA here and here Read more about OPC here.

RS Production version 17.10 and later has full support for OPC UA.

It is not recommended to use OPC DA together with RS Production.

Machine data integrations

Opens up interface for certified RS Production developers to make customized machine data integrations. Note that it’s mandatory with support/maintenance agreement for any customization

See pdf (below) for detailed technical capabilities

Guide to set up OPC-integration.pdf

Examples of OPC-data integrations

Types of data

Opens up OPC-interface for RS Production’s standard IO

  • Uptime/downtime

  • Amount counter

  • Cycle counter

  • Scrap counter

  • Automatic downtime reason coding (with event handling)

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