This is an addon to RS Production OEE.

Get a good level of traceability, and at the same time facts about efficiency and losses on material batch and tool level.

Track and trace provides an easy-to-use manual registration of ingoing material/tools and easy-to-use manual tracking to find which materials/tools that were used in a specific production order.

Track and trace provides quick and accessible visualization of how efficiency and losses vary with different material batches and tools.

Operator tools features

Define ingoing material/tools

  • Register id on ingoing material and/or tools

  • Register with barcode reader or register manually

Click the barcode symbol on the ingoing resource to be identified. Scan the barcode/RFID or enter the id with the numeric keypad to the right in the user interface.

When the id of the ongoing resource is registered, the color indicator of the row (far left) becomes green instead of red.

Once all the ingoing resources are identified, the red crossing above the table becomes a green tick.

The material/tool is associated with the ongoing production order and the measurement point until manually entering new id of the material/tool.

Wasting incoming material

Click the trash can icon on the ingoing material to register waste of input material. The amount is then set with the numeric keypad to the right.

Trace material/tool

Office tools have features for tracking ingoing resources. A smart table shows what is included in a specific production order at a particular station/measurement point. By clicking the ingoing resource you’ll find what other production orders and measurement points that have used the same resource.

Pre-define in-depth articles that need to be identified

For each combination of measurement point and part number, you can define one or more ingoing resources that needs to be identified before you can proceed with an order change.

Office tools features

Opens up possibility to see all included materials ids in a production order + see all production orders where a material id is included.

  • Define bill of material (BOM) for material to track

  • Track material used

  • Number series settings