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Addon CMMS Standard 2-way integration

This is an addon for RS Production OEE

Use data to increase efficiency for both production and maintenance

By connecting data from the maintenance system (CMMS) and RS Productin OEE, you take the collaboration between maintenance and production to a new level.

Let the maintenance system be the master for everything related to maintenance. Mirror data and connect with RS Production OEE to allow production to easily see and interact with maintenance plan.

Main features

  • Order maintenance jobs from RS Production OEE

  • Overview planned maintenance directly in RS Production OEE

  • Perform and report back autonomous (operator’s) maintenance directly in RS Production OEE

Operator tools user interface

Request a maintenance job

The operator can request a job in the CMMS.

  • Title

  • Description

  • CMMS-object (select in a list imported from the CMMS)

  • Job type (select in a list imported from the CMMS)

See planned maintenance jobs

If there is a maintenance job planned on the measure point this week, it is shown on tip of the orders/articles on the left side of Operator tools' Production Plan page.


See status for maintenance jobs

The CMMS addon adds a specific maintenance page to Operator tools.

On the left side of the page, the operator can follow status on requested, planned and executed maintenance jobs on the machine.

On the right side of the page, the operator can see planned autonomous (operator's) maintenance and report on them. The jobs are added and planned in the CMMS and shown to the operator in RS Production.

Available CMMS standard integrations

  • MaintMaster

  • More to come …

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